With so much talk in the news about events happening abroad, especially in the Middle East, folks are wondering:

what can I do to help, right here and right now?

To be sure, actions like protests, organizing, participating in fundraisers, contacting elected representatives are all important pieces of the puzzle.

But how many of us have left these experiences with a sense of futility?

Massive social change movements in the past, like the Civil Rights struggle in the USA, or the Satyagraha movement in India, ALWAYS sourced their power from deep spiritual connection.

Bringing practices like calling on our ancestors –no matter what spiritual tradition you are a part of– can be a very simple, yet extremely potent support for all our actions and organizing.

Let us bring ritual practices BACK into our political struggles. They were never meant to be separate.

May we connect again with our ancestors.

May we remember: The personal IS political.

Hope you’ll feel empowered by this video interview describing why Ancestor Work is so essential to our liberation movements.

—>>>Nala Walla