Work With Me

The Integrative Wellness Process

In modern industrial society, dissociation has become normalized, and precious little attention is paid to experiencing the miracle and power of our bodies.   “Coming Home” to direct somatic awareness of our flesh and bone, to intimate connection with our ancestry are essentials in both personal and cultural healing.

There are various ways to work with me, from private sessions, to in-depth immersions and mentorship, and regular group workshop offerings.  During our one-on-one sessions, for example, I might guide an experiential tour of our inner landscape, of our physical bones and joints, or of the bones of our “ancestral body.”  Somatic work leads to a more nuanced understanding of where our inner resources and weaknesses are located, expanding our tolerance for sensation, and activating our innate capacity for healing.  

As we invite more intimacy with our own bodies, we may encounter places of holding, discomfort and numbness, places that carry ancestral grief. We work together to create a safe container for unwinding, and customized liberation practices that restore patterns of ease and connection, and instill habits of getting acquainted with the healing resources embedded deeply within our lineages.


What you can expect:

  • Introductory Meet and Greet:  (No charge)  We will have an initial 30 minute phone conversation to determine if we are a good “fit” for eachother, and whether we will proceed to work together.  
  • Ancestral Nutrition:  you will complete a Health Questionnaire and a Food Journal prior to your first session.  Forms will be emailed to you prior to scheduling your Initial Consultation, and I will provide a detailed analysis of these at our first session.  Along with a customized nutrition plan, we will create personalized practices involving various combinations of movement, journalling, meditation/prayer, and other methods for establishing a greater sense of meaning and connectedness.
  • Ancestral Medicine/Lineage Repair:  Getting in touch with the resources contained within our lineage is an crucial part of holistic wellness.  Ancestral healing liberates ourselves from the damaging misconception that our ancestors are “gone,” and fosters ongoing relationship to ancestors.  Learn more and access a ton of resources about the Lineage Repair process, developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, at the Ancestral Medicine Website.

Ways we can work together:



  • food journal & nutritional assessment
  • ancestral lineage exploration and repair
  • connections with ancestral guides
  • inner landscape/experiential anatomy tour
  • gentle release and unwinding work
  • recommendations for repatterning
  • ritual container for grief support
  • field trips to sacred sites in nature
  • vocal work/sacred songs & wailing
  • building grief literacy
  • gardening and permaculture skills
  • kitchen alchemy recipes and skills




    Kickstarter Package:  $375

      • Initial Consultation (1.5 to 3 hours) 
      • Two Follow-Up Sessions (1 hour each)

      Maintenance Package:  $625

      • Initial Consultation (1.5 to 3hours)
      • Five Follow-Up Sessions (1 hour each)

      Lifestyle Package: $1,100

      • Initial Consultation (1.5 to 3 hours)
      • Twelve Follow-Up Sessions
      • Between Session Email and Phone Support

      A La Carte Follow-Up and Tune-Up Sessions

      • $85/hour (for established clients only)


    For those who yearn to immerse more deeply, more holistically, and more ecologically in this work, I offer intensive sessions at our permaculture homestead on Washington State’s incredible Olympic Peninsula.  This is not a “retreat.”  More like an intensive mentorship in earth-reverent living, you will work side by side with me in the various practical and ritual tasks involved in nurturing an ecosomatic life.  Be prepared to live simply, and reverently.

    We are located very near to dozens of sacred beaches, forests, trails & hotsprings, places where I guide experiences of deep connection and prayerful offerings.   For those who want to bolster their kitchen skills, I have years of experience preparing local, nutrient-dense foods using ancestral methods, with seasonal food from our organic gardens. And, our CobHouse is a handmade sanctuary made of earth and straw designed for grounding and holding our grieving experiences.  


    • $575
    • $1175