Work With Me

“Perhaps what moved me most is how fully Nala invested herself into our work together…
If there is a more potent medicine upon this Earth, I, for my part, have yet to encounter it!”

–Scott H, client testimonial

My clients are truly amazing folks:

Healers & change-makers, seekers & wailers of the most impressive kind.  People who FEEL oh so deeply, even to the very edges of our sanity.  People who understand we do this work primarily for our ancestors, our descendants, and our more-than-human kin, rather than for “self-improvement.”  People who are willing to venture into deep waters, knowing this is a requirement for learning to swim.  People who are ready to get real about what we are facing in these mythic times–nothing less than the transformation of humanity.

If the above describes you, let’s get together to see if we are a “fit” for working together.

I am currently offering a GRATIS “dive-right-in” session.  We will spend a full hour getting to know one another.  By the end of the hour, you will have a better sense of why we choose to work in a ritual, instead of psychological, setting.  And I will emerge with clearer sense of how to help you on your path.

Set down the burdens of your ancestors, so you can be free to live your own life


In modern industrial society, precious little attention is paid to experiencing the miracle and power of our bodies, and dissociation has become the norm. To experience true healing, a “homecoming” to direct somatic awareness of our flesh and bone, to intimate relationship with our ancestry, to kinship with the animate powers all around us, are essential.

There are various ways to work with me, from private sessions, to in-depth immersions and mentorship, and group workshops.  We access the “bones” of our ancestral wisdom through an experiential journey through our inner landscape. Somatic work leads to a more nuanced understanding of where our resources are located, both physically and spiritually, as we expand our tolerance for strong emotions and sensation, and rekindle our innate capacity for both grief and joy.  

As we invite more intimacy with our own bodies, we may encounter places of holding or numbness, places that carry ancestral grief, the embodied sites of intergenerational trauma. We work together to create a safe container for unwinding these harms, developing customized liberation practices that restore patterns of ease and connection, and even ecstasy.  We actively strengthen practices of decolonizing, healing the cultural wounds inflicted by “whiteness” and “modernization.”  Through relational work with our ancestors, we become more fluent with the epigenetic resources embedded within each of our lineages.


What you can expect:


  • Introductory Meet and Greet:  (Gratis)   We will have an initial phone conversation to determine if we are a good “fit” for one another, and decide whether we will proceed to work together.
  • Ancestral Healing and Recovery:   Through guided visualization, and movement and vocalization practices, I will help facilitate reconnection with the wisdom contained within your lineages.  These practices are deeply somatic and embodied, and are appropriate to each person’s heritage, rather than culturally appropriating someone else’s.  Ancestral healing liberates us from the damaging misconception that deceased loved ones are “gone,” or “lost,” or that we don’t come from anywhere.  Each of us has roots, and each of us has the ability to restore our connection to these roots.
  • Finding Your Authentic Prayer:   Prayer, when authentic, is one of the most healing practices available to  human beings. Yet, far too many modern people never learned how to pray, or have been deeply wounded by mechanical and fundamentalist approaches to prayer. Our work together will help find an authentic “way in” to prayer that is non-dogmatic, highly personalized, and can fit within any spiritual tradition.

Our work will include:


  • ancestral lineage restoration and repair
  • connection with ancestral guides
  • ritual container for grief and rage expression
  • sound therapeutics – drum and drone
  • reconnecting with Earth-based wisdom in your lineage
  • making offerings  / consecration of nature shrines
  • vocal work / sacred songs & wailing
  • building grief literacy, expanding emotional range of tolerance
  • deconstructing whiteness for European Heritage folks
  • remembering authentic “ways in” to prayer


    Remotely and/or in-person at the
    BWell Earthen Sanctuary
    on Marrowstone Island.
    See suggested rates listed below.


    • Ancestral Healing and Griefwork
      SUBSCRIPTION:  $525 / per month


      • Two 90-minute sessions per month
      • First session is a “double” (2-3 hours)
      • In-person options available for locals
    • Ancestral Healing and Griefwork
      PACKAGE:  $1,750


      • Initial Consultation (2 to 3 hours)
      • Five Follow-Up Sessions (approx 90 min each)
    • Ancestral Healing and Griefwork


      • Day Immersion ~4 hours:  $575
      • 2-3 Day Deep Dive: $2200
      • Will build you an immersion to suit!
        Scroll down for more info on immersions.
    • Custom Packages
      • For clients who wish to do ongoing work, a retainer package can be custom designed, according to financial means, and desire to support our Reparations Fund, which extends this work to marginalized and low-income clients.
      • Suggested Hourly Compensation Range $175 – $350.


    Reparations Fund:  BWell values making reparations towards communities which have been historically marginalized and disadvantaged.  If the minimum suggested contribution rates are beyond your reach, please contact Nala to discuss a discounted package for you, courtesy of our Reparations Fund.  Space available as funding allows.
    Low Income Clients:  A limited amount of low-income sessions are available for exceptional clients who are deeply committed to this work.  Please contact Nala for trade and discount arrangements.


    I offer a 15 minute grace period for showing up to your session. After that period, the session will need be rescheduled.

    If you know you cannot make a scheduled session, it is ideal that you reschedule one week in advance–two days minimum notice is required. Cancellations made within 48 hours of scheduled appointment will be responsible for the compensation amounts previously arranged.

    On the rare occasion that Nala Walla needs to cancel a session within 48 hours, the session will be rescheduled, and you will be offered one gratis session as gratitude for your flexibility.




      For those who yearn to integrate this work more deeply, I offer intensive immersions at our rustic permaculture homestead on the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, alongside the traditional waters of the Coast Salish people.

      Our Earthen Studio is a handmade, nontoxic sanctuary made of clay, sand, and straw.  It is impossible to express in words how incredibly “grounding” are the earthen walls and floors.  How the clay literally contains our grieving experiences, and invites an enveloping of ancestral wisdom.  And how the nearby saltwaters assist and support the transmutation of our tears.

      We are located very near to dozens of beautiful beaches, forests, trails & hotsprings, sacred places where we can consecrate prayerful offerings to deepen our commitment to the larger living web of our world.

      Much more than a “retreat,” you will receive holistic mentorship in relational and earth-reverent living, as we work side by side in to nurture ritual tasks and set in motion the cycles of a relational, ecosomatic life.  For those who want to relate more ancestrally with their food,  we will enjoy local, nutrient-dense foods using traditional methods, with seasonal bounty from our organic gardens.

      There are numerous Air-BnB and hotel options (not included in pricing below) in the Port Townsend, WA area for your lodging, conveniently located near all the Olympic Peninsula has to offer.


      DAY IMMERSION (~4 hours)
      • $550
      EARTH IMMERSION (2-3 days)
      • $2,200

      MOON IMMERSION (3-4 days)

      • $3,875



      • EARTH IMMERSION (3 days)
        Imagine:  You arrive on a Wednesday evening for a sauna in my earthen studio, for some deep getting-to-know-you time.
        On Thursday morning, you have a leisurely wakeup window, and we luxuriate in a long session together from 10am til 2pm-ish.
        Then we retire to my homestead kitchen for a homecooked bowl of bone broth soup, lovingly prepared from our fresh garden produce.
        Satisfied, you take the afternoon to integrate, nap, journal, walk on the beach, make offerings, dance in the rain.
        We meet back up for tea that evening to chat before bed.
        On Friday morning, we dive in for another session in the 10 til 2 window.
        After which we say our goodbyes, and you’ll have the option to further relish the beauty around the Olympic Peninsula and Salish Sea,
        or head for home.
        If you live nearby, and can make a day-trip, we have the luxury of working face to face for a long session, 3-4 hours.  This can include a sauna in my earthen studio,  or ritual offerings at beaches and forests as part of our session.