“If there is a more potent medicine upon this Earth, I, for my part, have yet to encounter it!”

–Scott H., Silver City NM

If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that what you’re carrying is wayyyyy bigger than you, you’re probably right. You’ve likely inherited a pile of burdens from your ancestors.

Ancestral grief is REAL.  And it is a BIG DEAL.

My grief is completely overwhelming. I will drown if I let it in.

My family is so toxic, there’s no way I can connect with them.

I’m rootless, floating through space with nothing to hold onto.

I don’t know who I am or where I come from.

I’m “White,” so I’m severed from my ancestors.


How would it feel to feel proud of who you come from? What would it be like if grieving actually felt connective? What if it felt ecstatic? Erotic?

I help people who feel rootless, culturally orphaned, and spiritually homeless reclaim our birthright of belonging to our own ancestors.


Using a simple, yet potent ritual process, it is truly an honor to witness how much healing is possible when we restore an empowered relationship with our grief.

Virtual or in-person at the
The Well Earthen Sanctuary
Marrowstone Island, WA


Returning Clients $150 – $350 hourly range

  • 2 Personalized Ancestral Ritual Journeys (each 1.5 hours)
  • Life Path Strategic Guidance w/ Extensive Notes
  • Ongoing Energetic Support
  • Take – Home Ritual Exercises
  • Life Planning Guidance through Ancestral Connection

“My three-day healing-immersion with Nala Walla was one of those unique and precious passages in life that I can already tell will stay with me, yielding unanticipated fruits, for many years to come. Nala brought so much to the occasion: impeccable professionalism, deep compassion, great skill, and the kind of feet-on-the-ground wisdom that comes only from hard-won experience. She also exemplifies a profound reverence for Mother Earth and a sincere respect for the land’s ancestral (or indigenous) peoples. All of these traits and capacities helped me relax into the healing process without restraint.  Perhaps what moved me the most is how fully Nala invested herself into our work together. At no time did I feel I was being “treated” by a “caregiver”. Instead, what I encountered in Nala was a genuinely caring, delightfully authentic, and uncannily perceptive human being. If there is a more potent medicine upon this Earth I, for my part, have yet to encounter it!”

—Scott Hennes., Silver City NM



They have a deep and profound love for the land

They relate to an animist ethic: everything is ALIVE.

They have a profound respect for justice and healing

They like a no-nonsense and common sense approach

They often consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” Or, they have some type of spiritual practice and offer their work in service to something greater than themselves.

They might be drawn to teachers like Bayo Akomolafe, Martin Prechtel, Stephen Jenkinson, Sophie Strand, Joanna Macy, Daniel Foor, Charles Eisenstein, Francis Weller, Josh Schrei

They often consider themselves culturally orphaned.

Podcasts they might be listening to: The Emerald Podcast, All My Relations Podcast, Fucking Cancelled Podcast, Lean Out Podcast, Unspeakable Podcast (Gratis)


This is NOT for you if…

You believe that communication “beyond the veil” is impossible, or demonic.

You’re not willing to revisit/review past events to uncover and understand the beliefs you took on, so you can let them go. (I’m not talking about reliving trauma, we don’t do that. Simply uncovering the root cause of an issue, by bringing it into conscious awareness)

You are not willing to move OUT of a psychological space, and into a RITUAL and TRANCE space. This is not psychoanalysis. And I will call you on it if you start to get into an overly analytical space.

You’re not willing to explore grief.

You’re a determined atheist and will not consider prayer.

I am proud of who I come from.

My grief makes me feel ALIVE!

I now know how to turn the tap of my grief on and off

I forgive my ancestors and family past.

I am surrounded by wisdom and support.

I’m learning the language/songs/stories of my ancestors



Reparations Fund:  BWell values making reparations towards communities which have been historically marginalized and disadvantaged.  If the minimum suggested contribution rates above are beyond your reach please contact Nala to discuss a discounted package for you, courtesy of our Reparations Fund.  Space available as funding allows.

Low Income Clients:  A limited amount of low-income sessions are available for exceptional clients who are deeply committed to this work.  Please contact Nala for trade and discount arrangements.



If you cannot make a scheduled session, it is ideal that you reschedule one week in advance–two days minimum notice is required.  Cancellations made within 48 hours of scheduled appointment will be responsible for the compensation amounts previously arranged.

On the rare occasion that Nala Walla needs to cancel a session within 48 hours, the session will be rescheduled, and you will be offered one gratis session as gratitude for your flexibility.

BWELL clients are truly extraordinary folks:

Healers & change-makers, seekers & wailers of the most impressive kind. People who FEEL oh so deeply, even to the very edges of our sanity. People who understand we do this work primarily for our ancestors, our descendants, and our more-than-human kin, rather than for “self-improvement.” People who are willing to venture into deep waters, knowing this is a requirement for learning to swim. People who are ready to get real about what we are facing in these mythic times – the transformation of humanity.

I have profound respect, love and gratitude for each and every person that I work with.  

—>>> Nala Walla

If the above describes you, let’s schedule a meet -n- greet to see if we are a “fit” for working together.


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