An Integrative Approach to Wellness


My approach to wellness centers around becoming fluent in the body-based skills that are considered a birthright in intact cultures.  Though the body has been been shamed and demonized in colonized societies, it is never too late to come back into relationship with our own flesh and blood.  I offer a hand in reclaiming and interweaving traditional healing foodways, somatic movement and expression, and ritual practices to reconnect us with our ancestral kin.

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Ancestral Medicine

Many modern people feel a profound disconnection from Earth, and from the people who have come before us. The good news is that each of us has loving, wise and earth-honoring ancestors within our own lineages. The Ancestral Healing process helps us reconnect with this wisdom directly through our own heritages, without needing to appropriate other cultures, or filter our experience through a guru.
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Ancestral Nutrition

Generations of our ancestors thrived on traditional foods.  Modern people may be confused about what to eat amidst rampant food fads and disconnection from ancestral lands, yet food wisdom still resides in each of our lineages.  When we practice Ancestral Nutrition we not only bring ancient foods into a modern context, but we also pay homage to our ancestors by reviving forgotten traditions.
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Somatic Griefwork

The BWell approach offers allyship and support as we flex our atrophied muscles of grieving once again.  Through somatic movement, song, and personalized ritual practice, we create a place to rekindle relationship with our fellow humans, our ancestors, and with the myriad of creatures inhabiting our greater Earthly Body.
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