An Integrative Approach to Wellness


The BWell approach invariably involves a repatterning of core life skills:  in the kitchen, on the meditation mat, and in how we spend time “in nature.”  I offer a hand in regenerating the foodways of your great- great-grandparents, revitalizing your connection with earth through simple personal practices, and reclaiming your ancestral heritage.
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Ancestral Nutrition

Generations of our ancestors thrived on traditional foods.  When we practice Ancestral Nutrition we not only bring these foods into a modern context, but we  also practice profound respect of our ancestors by reviving forgotten traditions.
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Somatic Griefwork

The BWell approach offers us a supportive witnessing and allyship as we practice the skill of grieving.  It offers a place to rekindle relationship with our fellow humans, our ancestors, and with the myriad of creatures inhabiting our greater Earthly Body.
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