Ancestral and Ritual Arts



You’re here because your grief is so huge,
it couldn’t possibly be yours alone.

You’re here because you suspect all this grief
must have something to do with your ancestors,
and the suffering of Earth and her creatures.

You’re here because you’re grieving not just for yourself,
but for this precious planet.


Ecological grief is real.
Ancestral grief is real.

I will wail with you for the world.

Somatic Griefwork


Do you know you’re overdue on dealing with your backlog of grief,
but you are afraid that you might be engulfed?

Are you concerned if you turn on the tap
that you won’t be able to turn it back off?

Perhaps you cry all the time?  Or you haven’t cried in years?


Contrary to popular belief, the waters of grief are navigable,

You need not drown.
You can learn to swim, to sail, to surf big waves.
You can choose to dive into the depths,

and also to choose head back to shore.


My name is Nala Walla.  I am a wailing woman.
My birth name, Walla, means “well” and “bubbling source,”

in the ancient tongues of Europe.  I descend from people who

have long been tending the mysteries of grief.

Allow me to be your guide as you learn

not only to navigate grief, but to feel deeply satisfied
& gratefully refreshed by these ancient, holy waters.


Using a highly embodied approach, and personalized ritual practice, let us rekindle relationship with ancient lamentation traditions within your own heritage, with the assistance of your own wise ancestors.


Grief is not an emotion.  It is a skill.
And it can be, unexpectedly, a gateway into pleasure.
In these times of mythical-scale troubles,
let us revive the lost arts of lamentation,
let us revive our capacity to feel deeply,
for the sake of healing our ancestors,
for the sake of healing our world.





Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you descend from magicians, musicians and medicine people?


That’s because you do!  Every one of us descends from thousands of generations of wise and holy people who honored Earth,

who knew how to pray, to celebrate, to heal and to thrive.


Are you feeling suffocated by the label “White”
which doesn’t even come close to telling story of who you really are?


That’s because we all — yes, even white folks! — come from indigenous cultures.  And we can restore our connections with these cultures.


Shaming and demonizing the rich heritage of our ancestors has long been a central tactic of colonization. So is whitewashing our traditions, or convincing us that our ancestors are “lost.”  As in: “I lost my mother last year.”


But it is never too late to shed artificial categories like race and to bring back into our embodied lives, the healing and magic of our kin.


Let us embark upon a reviving of ritual practices which reconnect us with our birthright of ancestral wisdom.


By learning to traverse the Rivers of Grief — the varied traumas of conqueror and conquered, of fleeing and fleed — we can all connect with an ancestry of which we can be proud.


Ancestral HEALING


Do you feel disconnected from the people who have come before you?

Are you afraid to connect with ancestors because the history is too painful?

If so, you are not alone.


The good news is that each of us has loving, wise, and Earth-connected ancestors within our own lineages.  If we ask for their help,

we can discover the ancient ones who have patiently been waiting

to help heal the gulf between us all along.


Ancestral Healing is an non-dogmatic, and non-denominational process which helps us reconnect with ancient wisdom directly through our own heritages, without appropriating other cultures,

or filtering our experience through a guru.

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Ancestral Nutrition

Have been a foodie for years, but you’re still confused about what to eat?

Have you followed all the latest diet advice–gluten free, dairy free, vegan–but you’re still feeling unwell? 


You are definitely not alone.

In our current chaotic food climate of rampant diet fads, conflicting “expert” advice, and disconnection from hands-on tending of soil and food production, millions of modern people are totally confused about what to eat.


Yet food wisdom still resides in each of our lineages.  Shifting our diets closer to those of our ancestors makes sense as we feel our bodies–and our ancestors–respond.  When we practice Ancestral Nutrition we not only bring ancient foods into a modern context, but we also pay homage to our ancestors by reviving forgotten traditions.


I will show you how to meet an ancestral guide, and consult them about food.

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