Ancestral and Ritual Arts


You’re here because your grief is so huge, you realize that it can’t all be yours.  All this grief MUST have something to do with your ancestors.


You long to feel connected, you long to COME FROM SOMEWHERE, but your ancestors are such a mess, you don’t even know where to begin.



My name is Nala Walla

Allow me to show you how your grief is actually a portal of connection with your deep-time ancestors. How your grief is calling you back to the birthright of original indigeneity belonging to all people. YES, even white people.

Do you feel disconnected from the people who have come before you?


Are you afraid to connect with ancestors because the history is too painful?


If so, you are not alone.


The good news is that every person alive today has emerged from thousands of ancient wise people — if this were not true, you would not be here reading these words.


From what I’ve seen, our brillant and kind forefolk are waiting for the simple act of asking.


They want to help heal the gulf between us as much as we do.

Then we all roll up our sleeves alongside our Ancient Ones, for some barefoot time rebuilding our cultural soil.


Ancestral Healing is an non-dogmatic, and non-denominational process which can weave within any spiritual practice.


As we feel and sense our deep-time knowledge directly through our own bodies, we find new intimacies within the folds of our own lineages.


Like the refreshment of a long-awaited exhale, we can release our obsession with The Faraway Guru or Gods- You-Never-Knew.


“Ohhhhhh I am beyond inspired by the grief ritual. The depth that we reached still stirs inside me, it has been something I have been longing for most of my life – to share the explicit grief and purge in a circle with womxn… It felt like a dream come true. I am so grateful for the overall container, the witches involved and all the love and support and good spirit and heart in that room. I am very grateful for Nala and her anti-oppression lens and for the bringing of her full self to the circle as a participant with all of us as well as a mentor’ess.”

—Alexandra Blakely., Seattle, WA

“Nala Walla curates profoundly juicy and powerful ways by which we can gather meaningfully, make mirth and grief, play and rest, prayer and visioning- this is not a programmed, pay-to-play event, but a community funded, community collaborated blessing by which those of us deeply committed to grief tending, edgework, verge walking, shadow dancing etc can come together and find sanctuary, comraderie, resonance and communal care, given and received to in gratitude and the prayer to sustain and uplift our good work.  Plus let’s not overlook the satisfying countermagic of coming together in this way over the holidays!”

—Epona Rose, Twisp, WA


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A plethora of tiny animate wanderings & roaring ritual voices not normally heard admist the blare of self-help and psychotherapy.


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