What people are saying about working with Nala:

Hi, Thank you for your healing work! Something has been opened, freed up for me…It is probably the disentanglement process of divorce that I’m wading through and maybe denying the bigger swirling river of it….purging muck seems endless and I do feel that it does pass, that it’s part of my process…I know I have work to do and I close by saying You are doing Sacred, Essential, Core Healing Work for people… I value this and feel that I’ve gained an important tool to grow with.
—Jasper B.

Thank you Nala! Something is cracking open in me as a result of this work (and it is work!). I entered into it thinking it might be a good addition to some of the healing work I have been doing already. How do i say this? This grief is cracking something open in me…a stillness and power I didn’t know existed in me…or in the world. I am crossing a threshold from one realm of living to the next. It’s almost as if prior to this, I wasn’t fully living. Thank you for the work you do Nala! Who would have thought that dying is the doorway into living?!

—Lea F.

Having done grief work with Nala in several contexts over the course of several years, I believe she viscerally and intimately understands grief and the myriad forms it can take. She has seemingly apprenticed herself to grief itself, and, from what I have seen, she has surrendered to where it will take her, personally and in relation to her community. She has learned to weave a strong basket to help contain the grief and wild emotion of others, as it moves through them and seeps back into the earth to nourish us all. This work is so vital to our world and Nala approaches it with skill, passion, and humility.

—Alicia E.

Nala Walla creates a safe place to face our sorrows, anger, rage, resentment and fear. Through looking into and feeling these dark emotions in a safe environment, we can cleanse ourselves and become free of the burdens that consume us.  The work of grief is a commitment of deep healing and transformation. Through our tears we find ourselves lighter, freer and more effective humans. Thank you Nala for guiding me through these painful places! For committing your work and life to helping us grieve.
—Rochelle H.