What people are saying about grief and ancestor work with Nala

Better than a sauna and a massage. I feel so relaxed. A joyful, soulful gathering [of grandmothers] — a homecoming, a burst of beauty and truth, a strengthening and straightening and unfurling of long dormant flow… Brilliant. I still feel them all around. Some are even becoming more distinct, black hair and sharp features and so much mischief in her bright dark eyes…May this life-affirming, nourishing reverberation grow and glow through time and space. Love and gratitude to you, Nala the weaver.

—Christina Borowski, Oakland, CA

Nala, thank you for giving my inner voice credibility. You are a lifeboat, finally finding a path to me and rescuing me in my last push toward the end of my life. I am feeling at ease. So much love to you.  

—Kim Green, Bainbridge Island, WA

Over many years of connection through practices of ancestral healing, I’ve experienced Nala to be conscientious, kind, and dedicated on her path of learning and service. She walks with a strong sense of care and compassion for those who are suffering and is tapped into the collective need for grieving and Earth reconnection. I can easefully recommend her services for ancestral healing, grieving, and coming back into relationship with land and lineage

—-Daniel Foor, founder and director at Ancestral Medicine

It’s astonishing to me how you made possible ancestral work on the phone. When I first started using Foor’s book, I know I couldn’t do the journey alone, that I needed another to hold that container. But I am still stunned by how much happened in there. WOW.

Your guidance in that space is very special, very skilled. You let me listen and wait and internalize what I experienced in just the right way. Speaking or not speaking, asking me a question, asking me to ask them questions, and helping me to experience so much detail from them. Especially you asking me to really notice and embrace what happened in my body. The somatic practices and the breath. You taking notes by hand while I was dropped in was crucial for my recollection and remembrance. I love your little drawings!  I am a note person, so all this was just perfect for me.  The marigold seeds I dropped on my ritual walks around the perimeter of my house everyday have germinated in clumps here and there, which is a delight.  These are the things that seem to be leading me forward.

Super grateful to you, as always, for your presence, your guidance, your Leo instincts and the container you hold and bulid for me to do this ancestral lineage repair. It is SO powerful.

—Julie Todd, Lawrence, MA

Working with Nala was effortlessly magical for me and my beloved ancestors. Nala felt like an anchor and protectress as I journeyed the spirit worlds. This work has been elemental in my sense of rooting and belonging. Even when I feel physically alone,
I no longer feel deracinated – I feel supported and backed by my ancestors –

working with a deeper clarity in my purpose as I walk this earthly realm.

—Alexandra Blakely, Seattle, WA

My three-day healing-immersion with Nala Walla was one of those unique and precious passages in life that I can already tell will stay with me, yielding unanticipated fruits, for many years to come. Nala brought so much to the occasion: impeccable professionalism, deep compassion, great skill, and the kind of feet-on-the-ground wisdom that comes only from hard-won experience. She also exemplifies a profound reverence for Mother Earth and a sincere respect for the land’s ancestral (or indigenous) peoples. All of these traits and capacities helped me relax into the healing process without restraint.  Perhaps what moved me the most is how fully Nala invested herself into our work together. At no time did I feel I was being “treated” by a “caregiver”. Instead, what I encountered in Nala was a genuinely caring, delightfully authentic, and uncannily perceptive human being. If there is a more potent medicine upon this Earth I, for my part, have yet to encounter it!

—Scott Hennes., Silver City NM

Nala Walla curates profoundly juicy and powerful ways by which we can gather meaningfully, make mirth and grief, play and rest, prayer and visioning.  This is not a programmed, pay-to-play event, but a community funded, community collaborated blessing by which those of us deeply committed to grief tending, edgework, verge walking, shadow dancing etc can come together and find sanctuary, comraderie, resonance and communal care, given and received to in gratitude and the prayer to sustain and uplift our good work.
Plus let’s not overlook the satisfying countermagic of coming together in this way over the standard holiday!”

—Epona Rose, Twisp, WA

Thank you for following my ancestor’s leads and helping me facilitate a funeral for my old self. The ritual of it all, the love and care you put into seeing me through it, and the grieving I was able to do is exactly what I needed. I am so glad I met you, because I never met anyone that is so open to expressing grief. It is the missing element and emotion that I need to express, and having you help facilitate this was incredibly helpful. You have said that grief needs community, and with you, I was able to get to places that I know I wound’t have been able to go by myself. Thank you for welcoming me and my grief, creating a non-judgemental environment, and hearing, seeing, and holding me and my people for all of it. I highly recommend you to anyone that is looking to explore and release their grief in a lovingly held, supportive container. I will definitely be back for more work. The ceremony you held for me felt like I scratched the surface and felt such relief, that my body, heart, and mind can’t wait to do more work with you.

—Kimiko Kawabori, Honolulu, HI

Thank you Nala! This is a fertile time for transformation, and I think few recognize it as an OPPORTUNITY rather than as “something bad that happens to us that we have to cope with.”  I have simultaneously felt tossed uncontrollably all over a stormy sea while at the same felt my inner shaman witness calmly and intentionally steering my way into and through that storm. You remind me of that shaman witness, guiding others through their storms. ❤️ I so appreciate the camaraderie, witnessing, and mirroring in that place.

I really appreciate you sharing that I am in a “Wisdom Seat” because of my proximity to a death, rather than my background tape saying that I am “too sensitive” or weak because I am “easily unhinged.” I love the new perspective that it is a strength rather than a weakness. And when I check in, the place I am in does seem so powerful. I am so connected to spirit!! It is truly amazing. I choose to reside in a culture that blesses and values that connected place. Thank you for all you do to sanctify, co-create, and raise this grief empowered culture into existence.

—Heather Harding, Port Townsend, WA

Can’t explain how helpful this work has been for me in the repatterning of the way I experience life, death, and all the emotions in between. It encourages me to be with the fear that I hold so deeply in my body. If you are able, I highly reccommend.

—Alexa Helbling, Port Hadlock, WA

The experience we had was so very powerful and extraordinary…the light in all of was brilliant and made us connect so well…you were nothing less than miracle workers. I miss your voices already! Every detail, from the drumming as we first entered the Lodge, to the table filled with nourishing snacks and beautiful flowers, the comforting words you spoke from deep in your healing hearts, your humor and instructions on how cry, and the dancing and singing were out of this world fun. I’m in tears writing this and right back in the woods under your care. I plan on attending with regularity and getting more and more each time. And I’m spreading the word of the importance of your work. With my deepest gratitude,

—Barbara LeLarge., Seattle, WA

Ohhhhhh I am beyond inspired by the grief ritual. The depth that we reached still stirs inside me, it has been something I have been longing for most of my life – to share the explicit grief and purge in a circle with womxn… It felt like a dream come true. I am so grateful for the overall container, the witches involved and all the love and support and good spirit and heart in that room. I am very grateful for Nala and her anti-oppression lens and for the bringing of her full self to the circle as a participant with all of us as well as a mentor’ess. The location was extraordinary and every person present was such a gift.

—Alexandra Blakely, Seattle, WA

Having done grief work with Nala in several contexts over the course of several years, I believe she viscerally and intimately understands grief and the myriad forms it can take. She has seemingly apprenticed herself to grief itself, and, from what I have seen, she has surrendered to where it will take her, personally and in relation to her community. She has learned to weave a strong basket to help contain the grief and wild emotion of others, as it moves through them and seeps back into the earth to nourish us all. This work is so vital to our world and Nala approaches it with skill, passion, and humility.

—Alex Eisenberg, Chimacum, WA

Yes yes YES, Nala Walla! You tapped into so many facets of what it means to be living on this planet at this time. I thank you for this inspiration and call to live well, with intention, and in authentic connection to our blood, bones, grief, gratitude, and ancestral roots. You are a permissionary for many in honoring the blessings of body and place and our rights and duty to thriving in wellness.

Something is cracking open in me as a result of this work. I entered into it thinking it might be a good addition to some of the healing work I have been doing already. How do I say this? This grief is opening a stillness and power I didn’t know existed in me or in the world. I am crossing a threshold from one realm of living to the next. It’s almost as if prior to this, I wasn’t fully living. Thank you for the work you do Nala! Who would have thought that dying is the doorway into living?!

—Lea Falkenhagen, Port Townsend, WA

I don’t have words to express how the grief lodge impacted me or what a truly raw and authentic experience it was. The experience continues to wash over me and is settling in various parts of myself and life in some of the most unexpected ways. It feels like I finally gave a very lonely and shame riddled (previously) part of myself the attention it has needed — and deserves — for the first time in a compassionate, loving, and vulnerable way…as it should be. To be surrounded by such an incredible group of women and to expose the grief within all of us together was powerful. Thank you for creating the opportunity; holding the space; and facilitating such a safe, beautiful, real and healthy process. I look forward to continuing to love and express my grief and gratitude in community and togetherness.

—Alana Linderoth, Sequim, WA

The Women’s Grief and Gratitude Lodge was an INCREDIBLE experience.  Truly inspiring, life-changing, a breath of fresh air in this stagnant, sticky world. This collective grieving experience awakened within me an powerful sense of connection with all humans near and far those, to those from the distant past and into the far future ahead.  It seemed that all boundaries between time and space were non-existent. We all existed together as one, we all held and released the grief of the world together. On the phone with my husband Saturday night I told him “I feel like I’m on LSD!!!” Hahaha 😂

—Libby Valluzi, Lopez Island, WA

Hi, Thank you for your healing work! Something has been opened, freed up for me…It is probably the disentanglement process of divorce that I’m wading through and maybe denying the bigger swirling river of it….purging muck seems endless and I do feel that it does pass, that it’s part of my process…I know I have work to do and I close by saying You are doing Sacred, Essential, Core Healing Work for people… I value this and feel that I’ve gained an important tool to grow with.

—Joe Bayley, Port Hadlock, WA

This Grief and Gratitude lodge opened me to parts of myself that I had not fully known or seen, even as I have been participating in these powerful rituals for 4 years now.  I am both more richly alive and tender;  and also fueled with a new strength that I can feel comes from shedding what no longer serves me and receiving the support of my ancestors, a feeling I have not previously experienced.  This work is SO important right now on the planet as we begin to return to our bodies as the temples they are and honor the records and deep wisdom stored in the flesh.  So grateful, so humbled.  My hope is that as many people as possible can have access to this work.

—Holly Cedar, Chimacum, WA

Nala Walla creates a safe place to face our sorrows, anger, rage, resentment and fear. Through looking into and feeling these dark emotions in a safe environment, we can cleanse ourselves and become free of the burdens that consume us.  The work of grief is a commitment of deep healing and transformation. Through our tears we find ourselves lighter, freer and more effective humans. Thank you Nala for guiding me through these painful places! For committing your work and life to helping us grieve.

—Randelle Hamm, Port Townsend, WA

I had a very healing experience at the Grief Lodge. I love what happened there. I feel I will come back, and that somehow I am going to finally grieve in a deep way for this little girl in me. I was impressed by the safe beautiful container created. I am really proud of you Nala, for being the hero we need right now. I can feel myself grow into the elder I need to be for others and myself. Even though I still deal with fear, it tells me there is more work to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

—Katherine Zecca, Port Townsend, WA

This morning as I was meditating on the concept of gratitude, I had this massive release of grief and crying. I finally understand now what Carl Jung said, “embrace your grief, for there your soul will grow.”  Thank you for teaching how to have a grief ceremony. Thank for inspiring me to honor the memories, so that I could remember the joy with the people, the places, and experiences I once had.  Thank you. I would love to come back again.

—Charlie Perez, Port Townsend, WA

An inspiring thing that I wanted to share: I started working towards a dream I’ve had for many years, to learn to speak the very very old language of my Irish ancestors!  I am thrilled to be learning the native tongue that traces back many hundreds of generations in my bloodline, and already finding such joy and fulfillment in this deeply humbling journey. Keep it up, and keep inspiring others to go forward with this work.  The world needs more of us!!!

—Libby Valluzi, Lopez Island, WA


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