Family Stories & Legends of the Pacific Northwest

Harvest Moon is a renowned Quinault weaver, storyteller and honored cultural Historian. All her tales portray vivid images of spirituality, morality, and rich, rich culture. This evening will celebrate the idea that nothing is more powerful than water, and the words of women. Harvest will bring listeners on a journey to hear how women of the past influence our paths through the collective unconscious, and will include her personal life-changing experiences with grief ceremony.

HYEE! as ancutti tillicum! *translation* “Long ago friends” Harvest sold her weavings on the sidewalks of Port Townsend during the wooden boat festival. Now Harvest is gracing our shores again, this time as a revered elder of the Women’s Grief and Gratitude Lodge. While she is here, she is excited to offer a public premier her new telling of family legends and stories of the Olympics.

For all ages, By Donation
$10 – $35 suggested, NOTA
All proceeds go directly to Elder Harvest Moon

Thursday, February 9th, 2023
6-8 pm, Unity Church
3918 San Juan Ave • Port Townsend • WA

Beware: you will experience a gifted storyteller, inheriting her trade from a long line of tellers.

SPONSORED BY: The Well – Cultivating the Wisdom of Grief | | Port Townsend, WA