Somatic Griefwork

In our current time, the dominant global society imposes a mandatory cheerfulness and contempt for expressions of powerful emotions such as sorrow, despair, and rage. Yet this conditioning ultimately deadens our ability to feel, and erodes our connections with community. 

In a troubled world, we need a place where we can wail for all we have loved and lost, a place where we can sink into, not shrink away from, our intrinsic vulnerability. A place to shelter us as we nourish our latent capacities for grieving, and thus, for living more fully and gratefully.
Nala’s somatic practice offers us this shelter us as we nourish our latent capacities for grieving, a body-based approach to facing the multitude of losses that are part of modern living and embedded within our legacies.   This is an active griefwork, one that ripens into a skill that makes us more resilient and more grateful.  It is not talk therapy.  Rather, it engages the entire bodymind system in movement, sound (sometimes lots of it!), and, for some, good old-fashioned ritual and prayer.  We are given space to flex fledgling muscles we didn’t know we had, and to become literate in a language older than words.
The BWell approach offers us a supportive witnessing and allyship as we practice the skill of grieving.  It offers a place to rekindle relationship with our fellow humans, our ancestors, and with the myriad of creatures inhabiting our greater Earthly Body.