integrative wellness technologies

In its essence, the BWell approach nourishes our ability to be at home: at home in our bodies, at home with the living land we inhabit, and at home in our families and ancestral lineages.

This homecoming honors the various levels of “Body” as precious and highly evolved technology–from the level of our individual body, to the social body of our community, and the larger body of the Earth herself, embodiment is central to healing dissociation and fractured ecologies.

The B Well orientation favors integration over dissociation and divison, fusion over fission.  In contrast with the physical and psychological dissection typically involved with “diagnosis” and the separating-out of “symptoms” and “treatment,” we choose instead to gather-together practical strategies that empower our wellness from a sense of wholeness. Whole people, whole communities, whole planet.

I offer guidance in regenerating the foodways of your great- great-grandparents, revitalizing your connection with earth through simple personal practices, and reclaiming your ancestral heritage.  As a wellness coach, I stand beside you as an advisor and ally, not above you as an authority or guru.  I bring with me a wide assortment of creative, experiential, and embodied tools I have gathered over two decades.

I offer you my hand…