Ancestral nutrition

The BWell Nutrition focus is decidedly “ancestral” in all the holistic connotations of this word.  When we practice Ancestral Nutrition we not only bring ancestral foods into a modern context, but we actually nourish our ancestors by relating again to them in profound ways, and pay our respects through reviving forgotten traditions.

The BWell approach is also ecologically focused.  Many of us from all walks of life are quite concerned about “the state of the world” these days, and we are more able to make changes in our lifestyle and eating patterns when we understand this hard work to be an important part of a shift that we are creating for our larger culture.  That how we eat actually constitutes a significant contribution to caring for this planet.  It helps to put cravings and addictions in context, and strengthens our resolve to repattern.

As we become truly intimate again with our food, questions arise: why it is so difficult to prepare (or even access) the foods of our ancestors?  Why is it so difficult to make time for slow food, for growing food, for living a more ecologically rooted life?   In exploring the foodways of our Great- Great- Great-Grandparents, and beyond, we are inevitably drawn into the emotional roots of how we eat, and why we eat, and we begin to traverse the Territory of Grief.  To truly “be well,” means we need to create a safe place to experience this grief fully.  Thus, Ecological Eating, and Griefwork has become central to my nutrition practice, a critical step in grounding our experience of chronic health patterns