WHEN: Saturday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 4th
WHERE: The Zen Dome on Marrowstone, 4894 Flagler Road, Nordland, WA 98358


9:30am Arrival (9am for folks with kids to settle-in to program)
10:00am Lodge Begins 
12:30pm Sack-Lunch (participants bring their own)
1:00pm Lodge Resumes
5:00pm Lodge Break til morning
6:00pm Salmon Dinner (provided) and Campfire 

9:30am Arrival (9am for folks with kids to settle-in to program)
10:00am Lodge Begins
12:30pm Sack-Lunch (participants bring their own)
1:00pm Lodge Resumes
3:30pm Lodge Closing and Cleanup (everybody pitches in!)
5:00pm Departure

•Saturday, November 11th, 2018

SLIDING SCALE EVENT FEES (includes Saturday Dinner and Saturday Sunday kids program):

Single Pricing: $175-$275

Family Pricing: $250-$350

•This pricing of this event is designed intentionally to distribute the blessings and responsibilities of our children across the community, instead of disproportionately on parents. 
•In the context of event ticketing only (the Lodge intends no judgements about what a family means personally, or culturally) a “Family” is considered to mean an immediate-family of 2 adults, and their children under 13.  Please respect these boundaries and buy a “Single” ticket if “Family” does not describe your situation.
•This event is priced to make it accessible and affordable, please pay at the highest level that you can afford to make this event accessible to low-income people.  Really:  this is an important skill if we are dedicated to village-building.
•If you would like to attend this Lodge, and this pricing structure is out-of-reach, please contact Nala for work-trade and other possible arrangements.

There are many hotels, B&Bs, and AirBnB’s in and around the Jefferson County Area (Marrowstone Island, Port Ludlow, Port Townsend, Chimacum, Quilcene, etc.)  We get lots of visitor traffic out here in the Summer, so be sure to register for the Lodge and book your accomodations early!

We will also be asking Lodge Locals to list if they have a guest space available on the Facebook Event.  So, please coordinate there if you are interested in this option.




Grief and Gratitude 2-DAY Lodge

The Grief and Gratitude Lodge is place to cultivate a deepening of our capacity to grieve, and thus, to live more fully and gratefully. Our larger cultural climate of mandatory cheerfulness and open contempt for expressions of powerful emotions such as sorrow, despair, and rage ultimately deadens our ability to feel, and erodes our connections with community. Practicing the skill of grieving in the presence of our neighbors, friends and allies allows us to rekindle relationship with our own bodies, our fellow humans, our ancestors, and with the greater Earthly body.  The Lodge explores the intertwining of grief & gratitude, with the heart-filled guidance of Laurence Cole and Nala Walla.

If grief is the “glue of community” and essential to “village-making” (as described by author/activists Martin Prechtel and Stephen Jenkinson) we at the Grief and Gratitude Lodge feel it is  of utmost importance to involve our children, so that they witness, and participate early-on in the understanding that grieving is a natural, and essential part of human life.

This weekend of alchemy will include a full children’s program, including guided opportunities for children to visit the Lodge, as well as nature-exploration, music, and plenty of play with experienced child facilitators Keeth Apgar, Terry DuBeau, and Summer Sondey. 

Also included will be a delicious Salmon Dinner, and songs around the campfire on Saturday evening.  We are aiming for an organic and well-rounded village-building experience.


•RSVP is required for this event & there is a WAITLIST. Space in the Zen Dome is limited, so if your spot has been confirmed and you can’t make it, PLEASE let us know right away, so we can give your spot to someone on the waitlist.

•ARRIVAL: Please plan to arrive between 9 and 9:30am. We will begin on time at 10am, and doors will be closed for the remainder of the event.

•PARKING is limited, so please check the Facebook Event Page and coordinate CARPOOLS as the date approaches.

•FOOD:  Please arrive already breakfasted,  and bring a sack lunch for yourself and your children for each day of the Lodge.  (The Lodge will provide some snacks–primarily fruit, nut butter–to kids in the children’s program). Filtered water and herbal tea will be made available throughout the Lodge.  A delicious dinner on Saturday will be provided.  The Dinner Menu will be Salmon, Salad and a Grain or Potato dish.  (If your diet does not include these, please bring supplemental food along with you.)

•PLEASE BRING a (full) waterbottle, pillow, blanket, and backjack chair if desired. If you feel inspired to do so, please bring items (photos, stones, flowers–anything that is meaningful for you) to add to our community shrine.

•PARENTS:  Please bring backpacks for your kids so that they have everything they need while you are at the Lodge.  Be sure to include sun gear (hat, longsleeve shirt, sunscreen, etc.), bathing suit, towel, snacks, lunches, change of clothes, water bottle. 

•FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: Please check back regularly with the “Grief and Gratitude 2-Day Lodge” Facebook Event Page for updates and announcements as the date of the Lodge approaches.

A juicy community discussion is ongoing between Lodges. Please join the conversation on topics of Grief, Death, and Initiation. 

•DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!!!  The Grief and Gratitude Lodge works hard to keep ticket prices low, and thus we rely on the generosity of all who support this work through volunteer service, and cash contributions.