Ancestral Healing

Tired of dealing with
a bunch of shit that isn’t yours?
Set down the burdens of your ancestors, so you can be free to live your own life.

If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that what you’re dealing with is wayyyyyy bigger than you, you’re probably right. You’ve likely inherited a pile of burdens from your ancestors.

Ancestral grief is real. And it is a big deal. It is more than one precious nervous system is designed to handle.

It can make you feel like:

•My grief is completely overwhelming. I will drown if I let it in.
•My family is so toxic, there’s no way I can connect with them.
•I’m floating through space with nothing to hold onto.
•I can’t change the past.
•I come from nowhere.
•I’m “White” – I don’t have any culture
•My ancestors are “gone,” or “lost”

But what if none of the above is actually true?  What if you CAN change the past?

What if you and your ancestors can heal at the same time? What if the truth is that you descend from wise people, healers, and magicians?  From a lineage worth loving?

For years, I’ve assisted people change both the past and the future, by recruiting our grief into a simple ritual process of ancestral healing.

Let’s face it. It wasn’t their fault.

For reasons usually beyond their control–for example, war, migration, genocide, famine, cultural repression–your ancestors were not able to grieve their losses. They never had a chance.

But things are different now than when your ancestors were alive.

If you are reading these words, it means that you are living in a time when you DO have that chance.

What if it is an honor to do the healing they never got to do?  And grief is a gateway into that healing?

Grief, just like any form of energy, “can be neither created, nor destroyed.”

This means, if grief is ignored, it doesn’t just “go away.” Grief doesn’t just “evaporate” when someone dies. It gets PASSED ON to future generations. That means to you, and to me, and to our children.

But, like any form of energy, grief can also be transformed.
You use the heat and moisture of your grief process to catalyze ancestral healing, so that these burdens do not pass on to the next generation.

Over and over again, I’ve had the pleasure of helping people shift from shame, overwhelm and disconnection to:

•I am proud of who I come from.
•I now know how to turn the tap of my grief on and off
•I forgive my grandfather/great grandmother/etc.
•I can finally have compassion for what they were dealing with
•I am surrounded by wisdom and help
•I am learning the language/songs/stories of my ancestors
•I am excited and re-engaged with the rituals of my heritage

All people – even “white people” – have ancestors who were once indigenous.  

That’s right.  All people, from all backgrounds, descend from folks who regularly relate to ancestors and to Earth.  And the seeds of these Earth-honoring ways are still present in everyone. Even if they have not been accessed for many, many generations, the animist seeds are waiting patiently to be watered.  The Ancestral Healing process helps provide this quenching water, repairing our capacity to feel belonging to our beloved Earth.

Ongoing epigenetic research confirms that tending conscious relationship with our family ancestors supports our physical and psychological wellness in many ways.  It helps shift age-old family patterns and predispositions. Practices of forgiveness, accountability, and establishing boundaries are common components of Ancestor Work, as us to dissolve shame and develop a “healthy pride” about our own heritage.

Liberate your ancestors and your descendants from burdens of shame and disconnection, so you can do good work in this world. 

None are free until all are free.