Ancestral Healing

All of us have loving and wise ancestors.
The Ancestral Healing method, developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, is a straightforward process of connecting with the wisdom contained within our lineages.

Many modern people have experienced cultural disruption, and are longing for meaning, for deep connections to our past. Like all humans, we grapple with the timeless questions: “where do we come from? and who are we?”  However, unlike our more distant relatives, we do so without cultural tools. Reviving cultural practices for working with ancestors can encourage profound understanding and clarity about these essential life inquiries, engendering wellness on many levels.

All people, from all backgrounds, descend from folks for whom relating to ancestors is the norm.  The seeds of these Earth-honoring ways are present even in “white” or European-ancestored people.  Even if they have not been accessed for many, many generations, these animist seeds are waiting patiently to be watered.  The Ancestral Healing process helps provide this quenching water, repairing our capacity to feel an indigenous belonging to our beloved Earth.

Ongoing epigenetic research confirms that tending conscious relationship with our family ancestors supports our physical and psychological wellness in many ways, helping us to shift family patterns and predispositions. Important practices of forgiveness, accountability and healing of boundaries are common components of Ancestor Work, helping us to dissolve shame and develop a healthy pride about our own heritage.

Ancestral Healing is an important tool in the BWell toolbox, helping to nourish our ability to be at home: at home in our bodies, at home with the living land we inhabit, and at home in our BLoved families and communities, both living and ancestral.

Ancestral Healing is best done over a period of about six months to one-year.  Three sessions are a minimum to feel the benefits.