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Nala Walla is an integrator, a self-described cultural acupuncturist, and wisewoman in the woods. She weaves a holistic and commonsense approach to wellness as a practitioner of Ancestral Healing, Grief Recovery, Nutritional Therapy, and Permaculture Design.  Her compassionate and empowering style helps to re-pattern deep connections to soul and to place, via our own ancestral lineages, and more-than-human communities.

Foundational work in traditional and ancestral nutrition combines with somatic release techniques to encourage healing and unwinding. Deep attention is given to developing personalized ritual practices which support the grief process and foster ongoing relationship to ancestors.  Frequent group workshops build community and heal the rampant cultural poverty that surrounds us in modern industrial society. 

To further describe who I am, and what I do,
allow me to share a few sentiments from writer Sonia Horowitz,
responding to the question:

Where will people who need help turn?”

They will turn to the same places they’ve turned since time immemorial.  To the edges and the hedges, to the woods and the wilds.  There they will meet the women with twigs in their hair and soil under their fingernails.  Hags they called them, cunning women, cut wives and witches.  For centuries, through all the twists and turns…these wise women have kept their hearth fires burning, ready to comfort and warm the frightened, the grief stricken, the weary and the wounded.  They offer medicine, but are not allowed to call it that.  Medicine is only for the sterile white walls and echoing halls of hospitals and universities after all…  But when those hallowed halls are closed to many by bureaucracy and politics, you will find her speaking to plants and tending her simmering cauldrons with a wise and patient heart.  She is keeping ancient knowledge alive…The cycles will turn, as they always do…There will be dark days, and there will be days filled with glorious light, but still the wise woman will persist.  Because she must.

Sonia Horowitz


For nearly two decades, Nala Walla has been devoted to healing “the Body” at multiple levels, assembling a toolkit of bodybased technologies in service of personal, community and ecological health. She holds a masters degree in Integrative Arts and Ecology and is known for her writings on the topic of Ecosomatics, which weave the connection between inner and outer ecology.

Nala’s work as a ritualist, author, educator and homesteader assists humans to make reparations for the wounds we have inflicted, and suffered, in order to create a world worthy of our children.

Nala is founding member of the BCollective, an organization aimed at the creation of healthy and sustainable culture through the embodied arts. She performs with the eco-educational children’s show The Harmonica Pocket, and has been putting ecosomatic philosophy into 


practice with her family on their permaculture homestead, located on Washington’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula for over 15 years. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to live and practice on traditional lands of the Chimacum and S’Klallam people.

Nala completed her undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College, and her masters work at the University of Washington and Gaia University. A firm believer in lifelong education, she has continued her scholarly work with the Moving On Center, the Center For Kinesthetic Education, the Nutritional Therapy Association, and the Grief Recovery Institute. Nala is currently practicing as a trainee of Dr. Daniel Foor, in Ancestral Medicine and Lineage Repair. Nala has been a Certified Permaculture Designer for over fifteen years, and is the current leader of the Jefferson County Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.